Thursday, 25 February 2010

Well this is me my name is Emily but i prefered to be called Millie, Im 21 years old and im in my 4th year of University studying a BA (Hons) in Fashion Design and Textiles.

I can make womens wear and Mens wear, this includes, pattern cutting to manufacture.

I also love taking photographs and editing them on photoshop.

I design posters for companies.

I paint.

I sew.

And most of all i talk alot!

Im a keen fundraiser and last year raised £344 of the RNLI

more will be up soon

My first ever blog

hey welcome to my blog. this is the first one i have ever done so if im doing ti wrong and you have any tips for me they are more than welcome.

I decided to create a blog, to show my work i have created and to market myself.

so it will show a wide range of things i can do and create.

I hope you will enjoy

Love Millie xx